Sitemap Hello everyone,

me and my boyfriend use this method to trade gold. In the beginning I didn't understand it but my bf explained everything, that for example you cannot make any money on the so called "investment" jewellry and on the other hand, you can make money on options. I had some free money on my savings account and I wanted to buy gold jewelry as an investment.

My boyfriend explained me that when I buy the necklace I will never sell it for a higher price than it was before because the gold content is always low and you actually pay for the artistic value. The same applies for investment coins.

When you trade binary options, you trade directly and there is no merchant or an intermediary. Also I don't have to actually own the gold and hide it somewhere at home. :-) The price of gold was pretty crazy in the last three months but I made about 3200€ on it anyways and I didn't even focus on it much. If I made some would-be investment into gold or jewellry, I would have less money today. But with binary options I made 4200€ from my 1000€ deposit (so 3200€ total profit).